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Become an OpenOrgs curator.

Are you eager to take charge of your institution's data, keeping its metadata current and ensuring its accuracy? Or, perhaps you aspire to oversee the curation of institutions on a national level?

Join our team and become an OpenOrgs Curator!

The process is simple:

  • Start by Filling Out a Form: First step is easy! Just tell us about yourself and why you want to become an OpenOrgs curator. Fill out the form below.

  • Meet With Us: After you've sent your form, you'll have a quick chat with someone from our team. It's a good time to ask questions and understand what being a data curator means.

  • Training Time: You'll join a live training session to learn all about using OpenOrgs. Don't worry, we've got extra materials for you to check out in your own time, too.

  • Sign Up Officially: You'll sign a Volunteer Statement where you will officially agree to your new role and understand what it involves.

  • Become a Curator: With training done and access granted, you're all set to begin as a metadata curator. Plus, we'll have regular meet-ups to share insights and support each other.

  • And that's it, thank you for being part of OpenOrgs! You are now part of a global community of curators playing an invaluable role in advancing Open Science. Remember, a wealth of resources is available to you, along with support from our helpdesk. We encourage you to take full advantage of these as you contribute to the OpenAIRE community.

Contact us.

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